Hike of death

Of course the one and only time I decide it is time for a hike is on Halloween, when I am deathly hungover. Leave it to me to make these oh-so genius decisions.

Coming from someone who stays far away from a gym, hiking can be used as an easy way out of unwanted calories. The nature plays a huge part. I forgot how heavily I was panting because I had so much to look at and the air felt so amazing. My favorite area to hike in Los Angeles is Runyon Canyon.

Benefits of hiking:

-improves stress levels
-improves anxiety levels
-improves joint health
-improves cardio-respiratory fitness (heart,lungs,blood vessels)
-improved muscular fitness
-weight control (hiking can burn up to 370 calories an hour)
-reduce depression and better quality of sleep
-lower risk of high blood pressure

All in all, hiking is good. If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas there are 
PLENTY of good areas to hike. If you live somewhere else in, I suggest using google to search the top 10 best hiking areas near you.

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