For my birthday, James and I decided to take a last minute camping trip. We loaded up his car (with an insane amount of very much un-needed random "camping" objects and tools) and headed towards the Kern river. We camped up in the mountains, about 70 miles east of Bakersfield. Everything went as planned for the most part. We found the amazing hot springs along the river and soaked in them all day. We meant a bunch of awesome mountain squatters who have decided to live there. We decided one full day was enough camping for us and decided to head home. As we were leaving we decided to give the people we meant almost everything we had left, soup, pans, whiskey, beer, ice, everything. As we were driving away and heading back to LA, we got a flat tire. 3 miles out from where we camped, and in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, with absolutely no cellphone reception. Finally after many tries, we got ahold of triple A and in about an hour they arrived. A scary moment for James and I.. 

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